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About Sarah

When did you join the company?


Experience / industries you've worked in

Call Centre Team Leader/ Internal Intergrated Security Systems

One of the things that you like about working for the company?

The culture. Even as we get bigger we have managed to maintain that same sense of community. Even more so since the introduction to MS Teams. Everyone wants to see the company succeed.

Top interview tip

Don't worry about being nervous. Being nervous shows that you want the job! Read the job description thoroughly. If you have read it thoroughly you will have at least one question to ask.

If the interview is via Teams, request a test call prior to the interview to ensure you have no problems with setting things up.

Pause before delivering your answer, give yourself that split moment to gather your thoughts.

Favourite travel destination

Australia - I would love to live there one day!

Favourite food

Grilled barbeque food, meat, salmon, vegetables, halloumi, anything and everything that can be barbequed, served with fresh, crunchy salad. One of my favourite things about summer!