About Callum

When did you join the company?

June 2023

Experience / industries you've worked in

Tech / Finance / Sports

One of the things that you like about working for the company?

It’s got a positive company culture, a real focus is put on excellence overall and the company does a great job in supporting its staff to be their best and continue their development as part of their strategy.

Top interview tip

Take time to consider your answers and think holistically about the wider context. You won’t always have all these details in an interview context, but it’s good to highlight some potential considerations to show that you’re thinking about how you could impact things laterally.
Consider the context of the company and the role in question as part of this. Prior interview research is invaluable for supporting you with this.

Favourite travel destination

Malaysia - It’s a really wonderful place, stunningly beautiful and varied landscapes, a really interesting cultural mix from across Asia but still quite accommodating if you don’t speak the local language.

Favourite food

It’s gotta be a classic New York style pizza I think. Get that Chicago deep dish garbage outta here!